Training for Wednesday, September 12th


Warm Up
Group Circle
1:00 High Plank Hold
3 Rounds
5 Beat Swings
5 Jumping Ring Dips
5 KB High Pulls each side

Gymnastics Skill Work
Ring Dips and Support Holds
5 Complexes with 1:00-1:30 rest between sets
4-8 Ring Dips
:10-:20 Support Hold @ top of rings on final rep
*focus today is on training strength through the full range of motion of the ring dip and stabilizing your bod on the rings.
*Hang Rings low enough that members can use their toes to reach dip lockout if needed.
*Those members not comfortable on rings can use boxes

Workout of the Day
13:00 EMOM
1 Bar Muscle Up + 3 Burpees to Pull Up Bar + 6 Alternating DB Snatches 50/35 (Comp 70/45)
*Scale Bar Muscle Up to 3 Reps of your highest level of pull up (C2B, Pull Up, Jumping C2B, Jumping Pull Up, Ring Row)

Cardio CrossFit (6am, 9:30am, 5pm)
26:00 EMOM
Odd: 3 Pull Ups + 3 Burpees to Pull Up Bar + 6 Alternating DB Snatches
Even: 6 Ring Rows + 3 Ring Dips + :10 L-Sit Hold on Rings

Cool Down
Chest + Shoulders: Floor Chest Stretch or Door Frame Chest Stretch, Lacrosse Ball Massage
Lats: Foam Roll + Banded Stretch