Training for Wednesday, November 8th


Warm Up
Group Circle then
3 Rounds with Partner
A: Row @ 75%
B: 8 Jump Squats
    4 Inchworms with Push Up
*partners alternate on rower once squats and inchworms are finished
-then “Grace” Warm Up and Strategy-

Workout of the Day #1
For Time (6:00 Cap)
30 Clean and Jerks 135/95
*Rx-: 115/75, L1: 95/65, L2: 75/55

Workout of the Day #2
KB Goblet Squats 53/35 (Comp 70/53)
Box Jumps 24/20

Cool Down
Small Block slow jog or walk
1:00 Quad Foam Roll each leg
1:00 Quad Smash each leg
1:00 Lacrosse Ball Shoulder + Trap Smash each side