Training for Tuesday, September 4th


Warm Up
Group Circle
Band Activations and Shoulder/Ankle Mobility
Blank Bar Clean Progressions

Weightlifting Skill (13:00)
Tall Clean
Sets of 3, climbing if able to do so without cheating the movement
*Movement starts at full extension, there is no more hinging of the hips to help.
*Focus is on pulling yourself underneath the bar into your squat with as much speed as possible.

Workout of the Day
12:00 EMOM
Odd :30 Plank DB Rows 35/25 (Comp 50/35)
Even :30 V-Ups

Cardio CrossFit (7am, 4pm)
24:00 EMOM (8 Rounds)
A) 5 Hang Squat Cleans @ 50% of your 1 Rep Max
B) :30 Plank DB Rows 35/25
C) :30 V-Ups

Cool Down
Lats: Foam Roll each side and banded stretch each side
Abs: Up-Facing Dog stretch and overhead reach
Quads: Couch Stretch each leg