Training for Tuesday, September 11th


Warm Up
Group Circle
4 Round Partner Row
*Partner 1 Rows 10 Strokes while Partner 2 Holds the bottom of the air squat
*10 Strokes should become more powerful from round to round
Squat Clean Drills as a class
3 Rounds with Partner
6 Blank Bar Squat Cleans
6 Pike (Bear Crawl) Handstand Push Ups
*Partners swap back and forth each movement

Workout of the Day
For Time
2001m Row Buy In
4 Rounds
9 Handstand Push Ups (Rx+ Strict HSPUs, Comp Strict Deficit HSPUs 4”/2”)
11 Squat Cleans 135/95 (Rx+ 155/105, Comp 185/125)
2001m Row Buy Out
*Scale for HSPUs are Push Presses with your barbell.  No Jerks allowed.

Cardio CrossFit (7am, 4pm)
Perform the same workout.  If you are more used to Cardio CrossFit than regular classes, scale the weight of the Cleans as needed.

Cool Down
Quads: Foam Roll + Couch Stretch each leg
Lats: Foam Roll + Banded Stretch
Traps + Shoulders: Lacrosse Ball Massage each side