Training for Tuesday, October 9th


Warm Up
Group Circle
3 Rounds
8 Lunges in Place (bodyweight only)
8 2-KB Deadlifts (lightweight)
25’ 2-KB Carry in Farmer Position
25’ 2-KB Carry in Front Rack Position

Workout of the Day AND Cardio CrossFit
25:00 AMRAP
10 2-KB Deadlifts 53/35
100m 2-KB Carry 53/35 (hold KBs any way)
10 2-KB Deadlifts 53/35
25’ Walking Lunge with KBs (hold any way, Comp hold overhead)

Cool Down
Glutes: Lacrosse Ball Smash each Side
Hamstrings: Foam Roll + Raised Leg Hamstring Stretch
Back: Couch Stretch, Iron Crosses on Floor
Traps: Lacrosse Ball Massage