Training for Tuesday, October 3rd


Warm Up
Group Circle then
3 Rounds
7 Russian KB Swings
7 Air Squats
7 Ring Rows
1 Wall Walk

Skill Work
Ring Muscle Up + Pulling Strength
12:00 EMOM
Odd:  3 Ring Muscle Up Transitions
Even:  6-8 2-DB Bent Over Rows
Coach will work with you on different types of ring transitions based on your strength and skill level

Workout of the Day
3 x 4:00 AMRAP, 2:00 Rest b/t AMRAPs
5 Handstand Push Ups (Comp 10 HSPUs)
20 Front Squats 95/65 (RX+ 115/75, Comp 135/95)
5 Handstand Push Ups (10)
Max Ball Slams
*Score is your total number of ball slams
*Sub for HSPUs is seated 2-DB Overhead Press

Cool Down
200m Walk/Jog
1:00 Lacrosse Ball Smash each shoulder/trap
200m Walk/Jog
1:00 Foam Roll each Quad
200m Walk/Jog
1:00 Couch Stretch each Quad