Training for Tuesday, May 8th


Warm Up
Group Circle
3 Rounds
6 Glute Bridges
6 Power Jumps
12 DB/KB 1-arm Overhead Lunges

Skill + Posture Work
Every 4:00 for 3 Rounds complete:
4 Turkish Get Ups (2 each side)
10 KB/DB Windmills (5 each side)
*class can review and practice each movement before the EMOM begins
*focus is on core stability in each movement

Workout of the Day
For Time (5 Rounds)
Box Jumps 24/20”
15 KB Swings 53/35 (Comp 70/53)
*Box Jump Reps change from round to round while KB Swings remain at 15

Cool Down
1:00 Raised Leg Hamstring Stretch each leg
Calf Stretches and Plantar Fascia Massage