Training for Thursday, May 10th


Warm Up
Group Circle
3 Rounds with Partner
5 Pause Squats (:03 hold at bottom)
3 Inchworms with Push Up
Partner Row
*Partners alternate off rower when other person completes inchworms

Leg Strength (18:00)
Tempo Back Squats
Sets of 4 Reps at 51X1 tempo, 2:00 rest between sets
*:05 descent, :01 pause at bottom, up as fast as possible :01 pause at top

Workout of the Day
8:00 AMRAP
4-8-12-16… Push Ups
14/12 Calorie Row
*Rowing is the same from round to round, only push ups increase
*Scale for push ups are box push ups or barbell push ups on the rack

Cool Down
1:00 Floor Chest Stretch each side
1:00 Quad Foam Roll each leg
1:00 Couch Stretch each leg