Training for Thursday, March 1st


Warm Up
Group Circle
1-DB Overhead Carry ←
6 Hanging Knee Raises
1-DB Overhead Carry →
6 Up Downs

Grunt Work
5 Rounds for Quality
100m DB OH Carry
20 Hollow Rocks
*Swap hands at 100m turnaround
*rest about 1:30 between rounds

Workout of the Day
2 x 4:00 AMRAP, 2:00 Rest
15/12 Calorie Row
15 Jumps Over Rower
15 Toes to Bar
*45 reps/round, score is total reps
*for those competing in the Open tomorrow, avoid going 100% today and make sure to avoid tearing or ripping on the T2B.  Coach can provide alternatives.

Cool Down
1:00 Lat Foam Roll each side
1;00 Banded Lat Stretch each side
Forearm Stretches
1:00 Standing Quad Stretch each side
Calf Stretches + Plantar Fascia Massage