Training for Thursday, June 28th


Warm Up
Group Circle
3 Rounds with a Partner
4 Blank Bar Strict Press
4 Behind the Neck Push Press

8 Ball Slams
Partner Assault Bike

Pressing Strength
Strict Press
14:00 to Build to a Heavy Set of 3
*take 2:00 rest between heavier sets.  Target should be 90% of your 1 Rep Max

Workout of the Day
10:00 EMOM
Odd: 20 Ball Slams
Even: :40 Max Calories on Bike

Cardio CrossFit (7am, 12pm, 6pm)
24:00 EMOM
A: 10 Back Squats @ 60% of your 1 Rep Max (from the rack)
B: 20 Ball Slams
C: 10/8 Calorie Bike (Rx+ 12/10 Calories)

Cool Down
1:00 Shoulder Smash each side
1:00 Quad Foam Roll each leg
1:00 Couch Stretch each leg
1:00 Standing Hamstring Stretch each leg