Training for Thursday, January 11th


Warm Up
Group Circle
Partner Warm Up 3 Rounds Each
10 KB Lawnmower Pulls (5 each arm)
10 KB Strict Press (5 each arm)
Row (while partner completes KB movements)

Max Test
22:00 to find a 1 Rep Max Strict Press

Workout of the Day
3 x 2:00 AMRAP, 2:00 Rest
20 DB Snatches 50/35
Max Calorie Row
*Score is total calories
*Large Classes can have 2 heats, alternating work and rest intervals

Cool Down
10 Scorpions
10 Iron Crosses
1:00 Banded Lat Stretch each side
1:00 Lacrosse Ball Trap Smash each side
1:00 Raised Leg Hamstring Stretch each leg