Training for Thursday, April 12th


Warm Up
Group Circle
3 Rounds
10 Jumping Lunges
3 Inchworms with double push up*
:20 Hollow Hold
*walk hands out from body and perform normal push up.  Walk hands back to bear crawl position and perform a bear style HSPU.  Walk hands all the way back to feet.

Gymnastics Skill
Kipping Handstand Push Ups (with CrossFit Games Standards)
Every 2:00 for 6 sets perform :30 of Kipping HSPUs
*Those who completed Open Workout 18.4 RX should partner with another member who can help measure them and judge their reps.  These members can alternate who goes each minute.

Workout of the Day
For Time
100 Jumping Lunges
75 V-Ups
50 Ring Dips
*Partition Reps any way you choose
*Comp Version of the workout is unpartitioned
*Ring Dips can be modified to box or bench dips, or push ups based on the needs of the athlete.

Cool Down
1:00 Floor Chest Stretch each arm
1:00 Shoulder Smash each side
1:00 Abdominal Stretch
1:00 Standing Quad Stretch each leg