Training for Saturday, October 7th


West Side Comp is On!  Workouts at the Bottom.
Every Saturday at 9:00 is Community Day!

Workout of the Day
On a 24:00 Clock with a Partner
8 x 200m Partner Sprint (4 each partner)
Then AMRAP in Remaining Time
15 Synchro KB Swings 53/35
15 Synchro Med Ball Thrusters 20/14
15 Toes to Bar (one working at a time)
15 Synchro Med Ball Thrusters 20/14

Comp Workouts (With a Partner)
1) Ascending Relay Run
For Time
400m Sprint Partner 1, 400m Sprint Partner 2
400m Sprint 14/10 Partner 1, 400m Sprint 14/10 Partner 2
400m Sprint 20/14 Partner 1, 400m Sprint 20/14 Partner 2
400m Sprint 30/20 Partner 1, 400m Sprint 30/20 Partner 2

2) Gymnastics Relay with Penalty
Toes to Bar
Chest to Bar
*Non-working partner holds one DB 65/45 overhead in one hand for reps to count
*If gymnastics partner drops from the bar before completing a full round, both partners have an immediate 5 burpee penalty

3) Suckfest
For Time
100/70 Cal Bike
75 Power Cleans 135/95
50 Thrusters 135/95
*Partners divide work however they choose