Training for Saturday, February 21st


Just a reminder…..MOBILITY taught by Coach Karlie after the 10am WOD! Stay and get flexy!


Group Circle

Warm Up
3 set of:
1:00 minute Plank Hold
1:00 minute Rest
**Work with a partner and encourage one another each round! Work together to reach that full minute!

Workout of the Day
“Don’t Drop the Ball Saturday!!!”
400m Med Ball Jog
100 Wallballs
100 Med Ball Sit Ups with Partner
100 OH Med Ball Lunges
100 Wallballs
400m Med Ball Jog
**One partner is working at a time. The thing is…the ball can NEVER touch the ground!! There is a 5 burpee penalty for dropping the ball! Don’t do it! It will cost you! 🙂

Cool Down
Cinnamon Rolls

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