Training for Monday, September 10th


Warm Up
Group Circle
PVC Mobility and Snatch Drills
Blank Bar Snatch Progressions

Weightlifting Skill
Tall Snatch

Sets of 3, climbing if able to do so without cheating the movement
*Movement starts at full extension, there is no more hinging of the hips to help.
*Focus is on pulling yourself underneath the bar into your squat with as much speed as possible.

Workout of the Day
8:00 AMRAP
Deadlifts 155/105 (Comp 185/125)
Box Jump Overs 24/20

Cardio CrossFit (9:30am)
25:00 AMRAP
200m Run
6 Hang Squat Snatches 95/65
12 Deadlifts 95/65
18 Box Jumps

Cool Down
Hamstrings and Glutes: Raised Leg Hamstring Stretch, Glute Smash with Lacrosse Ball
Calves + Plantar Fascia: Calf Stretches and Plantar Fascia Massage with Lacrosse Ball
Quads: Foam Roll + Couch Stretch each leg
Shoulders + Traps: Lacrosse Ball Massage each side