Training for Monday, November 6th


Warm Up
Group Circle then
2:00 Jump Rope Warm Up
3 Rounds of Cindy 

Strength Work
Push Jerks
4 Sets x 8 Reps
Sets should be unbroken, recording weight of heaviest set

Workout of the Day
6 x 2:00 AMRAP, 1:00 Rest
1 Round of Cindy (Comp 1 Round of Mary)
Max Double Unders
*Score is total Double Unders
*Cindy (Mary)
5 Pull Ups (5 HSPUs)
10 Push Ups (10 Pistol Squats)
15 Air Squats (15 Pull Ups)

Cool Down
Calf Stretches and Lacrosse Ball Massage for Plantar Fascia
Floor Chest Stretches
1:00 Banded Lat Stretch each side
1:00 Standing Quad Stretch each side