Training for Monday, March 5th


Warm Up
Group Circle
2 Rounds
10 Med Ball Squat Clean Thrusters
10 Up Downs

Workout #1

Death By Burpee Box Jump Overs
*Must complete 5 reps in a minute.  Continue to add 1 rep each minute.  Your score is the round you finish plus how many reps you get in the next round.
*Class continues working until the last person has finished.  For everyone who is NOT the last person, go back to 5 and stay there for each additional minute

Workout #2
10 Med Ball Squat Cleans 20/14 (Comp 30/20)
10 Med Ball Sit Ups
10 Wall Balls
10 Med Ball Sit Ups

Cool Down
400m walk or slow jog/3:00 easy biking
1:00 quad foam roll each leg
1:00 couch stretch each leg
Abdominal stretch