Training for Monday, March 12th


Warm Up
Group Circle
3 Rounds
2 “Safe” Bear Complexes 45/35
1 Wall Walk
*Complex Described Below

Strength Work
1 “Safe” Bear Complex Every 2:00 for 7 Rounds
*Score is heaviest complex
*Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Front Squat, Push Press

Workout of the Day
12:00 AMRAP
3-6-9-12-15… KB Swings 53/35
3-3-3-6-6-6… Handstand Push Ups
*KB Swings increase by 3 reps every round
*HSPUs increase by 3 every 3rd round

Cool Down
10 Iron Crosses
1:00 Lacrosse Ball Shoulder Smash each side
1:00 Couch Stretch each leg