Training for Monday, July 2nd


Warm Up
Group Circle
2:00 Jump Rope Practice
3 Rounds
3 Wall Kick Ups or 1 Wall Walk
6 Beat Swings
3 Hand Release Push Ups
100m Run

Gymnastics Skill (13:00)
Handstand Push Ups and Hollow Plank Inchworms
Supersets of 4-6 Handstand Push Ups and 5 Hollow Plank Inchworms
*Primary focus of HSPUs today is getting into proper tripod position at the bottom of each rep.  Those without HSPUs can work with a spotter with feet on the box.
*For the Inchworms, every rep starts standing and walking the hands out as far in front of your body possible so your body is in a hollow position at the bottom before walking your hands back to your feet.
*To keep quality high, rest as needed between supersets.

Workout of the Day
14:00 AMRAP
100m Run
10-20-30-40… Double Unders
2-4-6-8… Toes to Bar

Cardio CrossFit (9:30am)
25:00 AMRAP
100m Run
5 Handstand Push Ups
100m Run
10-20-30… Double Unders
100m Run
2-4-6…Toes to Bar

Cool Down
Calf Stretches and Plantar Fascia Massage
Forearm Stretches and Self Massage
Shoulder Smash with Lacrosse Ball