Training for Friday, April 13th


Warm Up
Group Circle
3 Rounds
200m Run
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Push Press

Weightlifting Skill
High Hang Clean
5 Sets x 3 Reps
Working Sets begin @ 60% of 1RM and can climb in weight, but no higher than 80% of your 1RM. Priority is technique, specifically pulling underneath the bar. Don’t move up in weight unless the reps are consistent.

Workout of the Day
Every 4:00 for 3 Rounds
15 Shoulder to Overheads 95/65 (Comp 115/75)
200m Run
25 Ball Slams

Cool Down
10 Iron Crosses
1:00 Raised Leg Hamstring Stretch each side
1:00 Shoulder + Trap Smash each side