Training for Wednesday, March 18th



Group Circle

Warm Up
Row/Assault Bike
3 Rounds of 90 secs ON, 90 secs OFF!
Get that heart rate moving and a shaking!

Sled Push and Sled drags! Alternate between Sled Push and Drags! Each athlete will perform 5 rounds at a heavy weight the length of the gym.

Workout of the Day
Death By 10 Meter sprints! Yes these are actually fun and an awesome workout! If there is time the coach will jog you over to the track! If not, it can be performed in the gym!
With a continuously running clock run 10 meters the first minute, run 20 meters the 2nd minute, 30 meters at the 3rd minuteā€¦. continue until you cannot complete the distance within the minute. The idea is to start slowly i.e. walk the first ones to save energy for the later ones.
NOTE: If you cannot run, do not be discourage! This can be done on the Rower!!

Wall calf stretches 4x :15 straight leg(push hips to wall) 4x :15 bent leg(push knee to wall)
Straight Leg (push hips to wall) 4 x :15secs
Bent Leg (push knee to wall) 4 x :15secs

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