Training for Thursday, November 5th


Group Circle


Warm Up

4 Rounds:

10 OHS with Dowel or Blank Bar

5 Strict Pull Ups



15 minutes to work on Hip High Pull + High Hang Snatch 6s x 3r

(Keep the bar in the hips with relaxed arms, slight crack in the knee, push the hips back then fire the quads and glutes at the same time driving the bar up. Engage the upper back and get the elbows as high as possible. The bar should get up to your collar bones. Try to night lean back or get into the toes. They weight should be balanced in the middle of the foot (not in the heels or in the toes!!!) BALANCE!!!!


Workout of the Day

19 min OTM

1st minute: 5 Burpee Box Jumps

2nd minute: 3 Snatches at 80-85% of 1 RM

3rd minute: AMRAP Slam Balls

19th minute: AMRAP Double Unders


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