Training for Saturday, October 22nd


7:30 West Side Comp is on!!!!  See Workouts at the bottom.

Every Saturday at 9:00 is Community Day!

Workout of the Day
In 4 Person Teams
24:00 for Max Reps
Calorie Row
Wall Balls 20/14
American KB Swings 53/35

*Teams always have 1 person working at each station and 1 person resting
*Teammates will rotate stations every 1:30
*Teams can choose where in the rotation they want to include the “rest station”

Comp Workouts
30 RFT
5 Wall Balls 20/14
1 Power Clean 225/155

-10:00 Rest-

“Evil Jackie”
For Time
100/85 Cal Row
50 Thrusters 96/65
15 Muscle Ups

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