Training for Saturday, July 25th – “Marie’s Birthday!!!!”

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Just reminder, there is Mobility today at 10am!!


NO West Side comp at 7:30am! We will resume on Saturday, August 15th.


CFWS @ 9am

“Marie’s 36th Birthday WOD!!”

36 minute AMRAP

36 Double Unders

36 Box Jump Ups and Step Downs

36 Burpees

36 Sit Ups

36 Jumping Lunges

36 Wallballs




10 thoughts on “Training for Saturday, July 25th – “Marie’s Birthday!!!!””

  1. Erin says:

    Doesn’t anyone turn 24 anymore?!?

  2. Gabriela says:

    Love Marie Antoniette. I’ve always wndeored about women riding astride since seeing Sophie(Jessica Biel) riding astride in breeches in 1900 Austria-Hungary. Maybe it was a Hapsburg thing?

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