Training for Saturday, August 27th


7:30 West Side Comp is on!  Comp Class workout at bottom.

Every Saturday at 9:00 is Community Day!!!

Meet at the Gym before we go to the field!

Field Workout
With a Partner and a Medicine Ball 20/14:
2 Rounds for Time
200m Run
50 Squats
200m Run
50 Push Presses
200m Run
50 Russian Twists
200m Run
50 Med Ball Chest Passes
*Partners have 1 medicine ball between them
*Medicine Ball cannot touch the ground or 5 burpee penalty for both partners
*Exercises with the medicine ball should be performed equally by both partners
*Athletes not running will perform 20 lunges in place of each 200m run

7:30 Competitor Workout
With a Partner:

“Heavy Randy + Heavy Karen”
75 Snatches 95/65
150 Wall Balls 30/20
*Partners complete all snatches before moving to wall balls

5:00 Rest

70 C2B Pull Ups, 2 Synchro Bear Complexes 185/115
70 Burpees Over Bar, 2 Synchro Bear Complexes
70 Box Jumps 30/24, 2 Synchro Bear Complexes
*Bear Complex: Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat

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