Training for Saturday, April 30th


So there is West Side Comp at 7:30am!! Coach Karlie is holding down the fort!!!


In teams of 2 complete the following:

100 Double Unders, 50 each

50 Handstand Push Ups while Partner holds in a handstand (one partner is working while one partner is in the hold)

50 Toes to Bar while Partner hangs from Bar (one partner is working while one partner is hanging from the bar)

50 Axle Should to Overhead (160/100) while Partner holds a Front Rack (160/100).

Then, both partners lunge 90 feet. One Partner lunges, the other Partner holds in a Front Rack, then switch.

Rest 5 minutes then complete following:

8 Rounds of 1:40 Rowing, :20 seconds Rest

**Max meters Rowed is total score



CFWS @ 9:00am

Partner Chipper!!

For time complete the following:

120 Pull Ups
120 Ground to OverHead (95/63)
120 Burpees
120 Deadlifts (same bar)
120 Box Jumps (24/20) –

30 minute cap – Work can be split and completed in any fashion – Both partners can work at same time, but cannot work on same movement at same time!

partner WOD pic

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