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The Battle on Admiral is right around the corner. There’s been some buzz around the gym with partners getting ready to perform their best at the Sept. 23 fitness showdown. If you’ve signed up, congratulations!

One day events, teams, individuals, masters, scaled and Rx, there are competition options for all of us who are interested in competing. But whether you’ve signed up for your first competition, or you have a few under your belt, you may be wondering how to best prepare for your upcoming event.

To give some insight, we asked some of the CrossFit West Seattle’s most experienced competitors about their experiences and what has worked for them to help them feel their best day of a competition.

Diet and hydration

Molly staying calm during max set front squats at the 2016 Battle on Admiral.

We all know Molly Kanaga has the competitive spirit. She’s always pushing herself in the gym and is the first one to let the rest of us know: you got this!

Looking back at the weeks before my competitions, I always made sure I was staying active by keeping my routine of going to the gym 5-6 times a week to keep consistency, but dialing back on how strenuous my workouts were. The day before the competition, I made sure to stay hydrated, eat enough protein and carbs. I also made sure to stretch. The day of, I brought a cooler with protein, carbs, fats, and sugars. I made sure to have a pre-workout shake and a post workout recovery drink. I brought plenty of water and tools to help me stretch between workouts (bands, foam roller, lacrosse ball and the stick). Stay calm, positive and always have fun! Don’t beat yourself up and be proud of finishing!

Game day feel

Adam Moore, CrossFit West Seattle’s head coach’s mission is to make us better athletes. His list of tips is exhaustive and reflects his focus on coaching us to be our best. 

Danielle always makes sure the Battle is fun and that we never know what to expect!

When getting ready for an event: if the workouts have been announced, practice them when you’re tired! You’ll be doing multiple workouts in a day during the competition, and you’ll want to be prepared for the stress and exhaustion that comes with it. So whether it’s an individual or partner event, whether it takes a lot of strategy or just hard work, spend 10 minutes or so doing intervals on the bike or rower and hit some burpees, take a short rest, and then practice the workout. That’s how you can create a “game day” feel!

The day before your competition: Don’t just sit still. Move around, get a sweat going, hit a little extra mobility, and do some “skill work” with light weights of movements you know you’re doing the next day. That way you’re not overworking your body, but you’re also not letting it completely shut down. We all know workouts typically don’t feel too good after multiple days of rest!

Before going to bed the night before your competition, have your clothes/shoes/equipment already ready to go so you’re not stressed out thinking about what you might forget while you should be lying in bed asleep. Have food or shakes ready to go that you know you like and that you digest well so you can take them with you to the competition. You probably won’t feel like eating large meals between workouts, but having some planned snacks along the way will probably have you feeling much better on your 3rd workout of the day!

Competitors are made in the kitchen

It’s no surprise that Coach Andy Giron’s top tip is nutrition because he brings this holistic approach to the gym every day in class. What we were surprised is that he didn’t say: Get it!

First tip for getting ready has got to be nutrition. I ask myself: am I drinking enough water the week leading up to a competition and am I putting stuff in my body that makes me feel good, and give me energy? As far as the day of, I remind myself that I’m choosing to compete, I’m here because I want to be, so I go to have fun and make sure that I’m enjoying myself no matter what the outcome is!

You’re already winning!

Sabrina Johnson’s focus and hard work is an inspiration and so is her reminder to us.

Honestly, I need to just always remind myself to have fun and not take it too seriously. No matter what, I’m going to learn so much about myself and competing, regardless of my score…if I tried my hardest, AND had fun, that’s a win.

Cate and Coach Chris killing it on synchronized deadlifts.

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