September Member of the Month: Pam Dean!


It’s time to celebrate our September Member of the Month: Pam Dean! These days you know Pam as one of the most bada** prego CrossFitters around, never missing a workout and pushing us all to go further and harder than we think we can. She is a true competitor (examples below!) and encourages that fire within each of us day after day. Even her kiddos hold it down in Gen-Nxt, inspired by their amazingly strong Mom. Fun facts about the one and only Pam below!
How long have you been doing CrossFit?  A little over a year.  I started last year in June after moving to Seattle.  I’ll never forget walking in and meeting Mitch for the first time.  He invited to me to stay for the noon class and I was hooked pretty quickly.
What brought you to CFWS and what makes CFWS special?  I had been working out with a certified sports and conditioning coach for a year and saw huge gains in strength and stamina.  When I moved to Seattle, I wanted to find something that would challenge me in a similar way and give me that same level of intensity.  I thought, what the heck, I’ll give CrossFit a try.  What makes it special is the amazing community of athletes and coaches.  These individuals support and encourage me to push to my potential and work to overcome my mental barriers that get in the way of progress and success.  It’s a community like no other I have ever experienced.  I’m also so appreciative of how kid friendly it is here because having my crew with me in tow is often the only way I can get in my workout.
One meal for the rest of your life – what would it be?  Lox, cream cheese, and bagels from New York.
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  A marine biologist.  Although I sucked at chemistry and physics, I found my way into working in a Seal and Sea Lion rescue while I was in college.  It was the smelliest job I ever had but incredibly fun and rewarding.
An item on your bucket list not yet crossed off? Skydiving…though as I get older, I’m wimping out more and more.  Traveling to Russia and Austria and seeing where my grandparents grew up would also be really cool.
When you’re not in the gym, we can find you? Hanging out with my family.  We love to go to the beach and hit up sporting events.  We also just love to chill at the house and have friends over.
What has surprised you most about CrossFit? It’s really for everyone regardless of age or physical ability.  There’s no one size fits all and I have really been struck at how it has forced me to re-evaluate how I define athleticism.  It also has made me a stronger person mentally, emotionally, and physically.
When this song comes on the stereo at the gym, you KNOW you’re going to own the workout!  I’d say anything Creed to piss off Tim Ziegler, but I’d be lying.  Anything 80’s or Eminem.
Your biggest CrossFit accomplishment?  That’s a tough one. I’d say I have a few. Making it through the CF open and beating Cliff while secretly being pregnant and wanting to puke my guts out and fall asleep before and after the WOD was awesome. Strict pressing 80lbs for a 3RM at 6 1/2 mo prego was memorable.  But now being nearly 9  months pregnant and still being able to do double unders (actually maybe even a little better than before I was prego) and keeping up with everyone on longer cardio WODS feels pretty darn awesome.
And a goal you’re working on today?  Obviously my goals have changed slightly in the last several months.  It’s been hard to scale back and listen to my body while I’m watching the incredible energy as everyone works on their 1RM and various lifts.  But for today, I’m working on consistency and making it in so I can set myself up as best I can for baby-birthing and getting back into it after Sar Dean makes his debut.  I can’t wait to get back to working on handstands, pistol squats, pull-ups, box jumps, and stronger lifts.
Dream vacation spot?  Anywhere I can find a crystal clear blue ocean with warm white sand and watching whales and dolphins breeching.
The movement in the gym you love the most?  Pushups!! Weighted pushups, ring pushups, pushup-pushups…I love pushups!!! Probably because I used to suck at them and now they are one of my strongest movements.
And the movement you hope is never on the board? OHS, Snatches, and Thrusters.
When you are dragging to get into the gym, what’s your secret to show up anyway?  The LLNMC!!  My Ladies Late Night Muscle Club.  The friends I’ve made here are amazing and help me to stay accountable, even threaten, I mean offer, to come to my door and pick me up.
A fun fact that no one (or most) don’t know about you at CFWS? I was one of the dancers/performers in the 1994 Soccer World Cup Closing Ceremonies at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.  Italy Vs Brazil.
Advice you would give to a new member or someone trying CrossFit for the first time? 
1.  Don’t be intimidated! This is an amazingly supportive community of men, women, and coaches.
2.  Don’t give up! It can seem awkward in the beginning (or some moves are still awkward a year later) but everything is scalable and modifiable.
3.  And finally, don’t compare yourself to anyone but you!  Watching some of the amazing athletes is inspiring to set goals but don’t lose sight of your own accomplishments and progress. As we improve, we push harder to accomplish more, so sometimes we may think we aren’t making much progress, but reflecting on where we started to where we are now can be eye opening.

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