Schedule & Programs Offered

24/7 Member Access

At CrossFit West Seattle, we offer 24/7 Open Gym Access to all members on the any of the Unlimited Monthly Memberships.

Specialty Classes offered at CrossFit West Seattle:

Aerobic Capacity – Sunday 9am

Olympic Weightlifting – Wednesday 7pm / Sundays 10am

Competitive CrossFit Classes – 60 min Comp Class Thursdays 7pm / 90 min Comp Class Saturdays 9:30am

Coached Open Gym – Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8am

Monthly clinics are also available as scheduled on a variety of skill work and are open at all CFWS members!

What our Competitive CrossFit classes offer:

  • Helps prepare you for multiple workouts in one sitting and higher intensity workouts you will find while competing in CrossFit competitions.
  • Incorporates both higher skill level movements and heavier lifts for a more challenging workout.
  • Competitive CrossFit classes are coach-run, but participants are required to be able to warm-up on their own and get themselves ready and prepared for the multiple MetCons of the day.
  • For overall safety and efficieny of the class, at least 6 months of experience at CrossFit West Seattle is required to be able to participate in Competitive CrossFit classes. Please reach out to Danielle or Coach Sabrina if you have questions!

What our Olympic Lifting Classes offer:

  • Education: Work on gaining a better understanding of why and how our bodies should move through space.
  • Activation: Learn ways to activate and mobilize.
  • Form: Drills for positions and transitions performed in the Olympic lifts to increase lift efficiency and power output.
  • Power: Build speed and explosiveness in order to hit heavier lifts.
  • Skill transfer: Work on supporting movements like gymnastics and lifts that build speed, position, and power.
What our Aerobic Capacity Classes offer: 
  • Develop: Work on developing skills pacing during a workout.
  • Increase: Increase your overall endurance–both cardio and muscle endurance.
  • Equipment: In addition to running, learn how to effectively use the rower, ski erg, and echo bike.
  • Apply: Learn how increasing endurance will apply to everyday life activities.
  • Range: Work on all ranges of endurance for both short and long distances.