24/7 Member Access

At CrossFit West Seattle, we offer 24/7 Open Gym Access to all members on the any of the Unlimited Monthly Memberships.

24/7 Hour Access is currently on hold due to the WA State COVID-19 policies and guidelines for Fitness Centers. As soon as we move into Phase 4, 24/7 hour access will be back.

Specialty Classes offered at CrossFit West Seattle:

Yoga, Sunday’s at 9am

Aerobic Capacity Sunday’s at 10am

Olympic Weightlifting Sunday’s at 11am

Gymnastics Skill Work Sunday’s at 12:30pm

We look forward to adding more of these classes during the week days SOON!!

What we work on during Olympic Lifting:

  • Education: Gain a better understanding of why and how our bodies should move through space
  • Activation: Learn ways to activate and mobilize — training in “good posiiton”
  • Form: Drill positions and transitions performed in the olympic lifts — increase lift efficiency and power output
  • Power: Build speed and explosiveness — hit heavier lifts
  • Skill transfer: Work on supporting movements — gymnastics and lifts that build speed, position, and power