NEW Cardio CrossFit workouts!

Starting May 14, we will be adding “Cardio” CrossFit workouts to our classes!

Monday and Wednesday at 9:30am

Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am

“Cardio CrossFit” offers a slightly different challenge from our standard classes without giving up the barbells, gymnastics, functional movement and high intensity exercise that sets CrossFit apart from other fitness routines and delivers AMAZING results.  While our standard classes are known for regularly including a specific section of the the hour-long class dedicated to building strength and practicing skills, “Cardio CrossFit” dedicates the entire hour to warming up for and then crushing a really good workout, enabling workouts to last longer so our members can push harder and burn more calories.

The “Cardio CrossFit” workouts are designed with the weights to be a little lower and the gymnastics a little simpler so that everyone can keep pushing at high intensity from “Go” until the workout is over. This way you still get well-rounded training with barbells and bodyweight, but at level that consistently going to push you without breaking you down.  You need to be prepared to work hard and sweat a lot because it’s going to be an amazing workout!

Questions? Concerns? Excitement? Please email Danielle at for more info!


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