New Yoga time starting Nov. 7

Yoga, Wednesday’s at 7pm

AND Sunday’s at 9am

Reminder: No Open Gym during Olympic Lifting and Yoga.

NEW: Olympic Lifting on Thursdays at 7pm (starting Nov. 1)

What we’ll work on during Olympic Lifting:

  • Education: Gain a better understanding of why and how our bodies should move through space
  • Activation: Learn ways to activate and mobilize — training in “good posiiton”
  • Form: Drill positions and transitions performed in the olympic lifts — increase lift efficiency and power output
  • Power: Build speed and explosiveness — hit heavier lifts
  • Skill transfer: Work on supporting movements — gymnastics and lifts that build speed, position, and power
Open Gym every Sunday!
10 – 11:30am OPEN GYM