Our facility

The space at CrossFit West Seattle was built to ensure safety and accommodate the fitness needs of our members.

-Located in the heart of the Admiral Junction! We are close to bus stops, easily accessible parking, coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores.

-Men and women showers and locker rooms, perfect for those early risers who like to get that workout done before work!

-Newly renovated space with state of the art equipment for all fitness levels! We offer a wide array of equipment from atlas stones, peg boards, axle bars, assault bikes, ropes, and ski erg.

-A brand NEW Mobility Lounge complete with equipment for mobilizing–foam rollers, mats, bands, lacrosse balls, etc. Our Mobility Lounge has benches aligning the walls and will also include complimentary coffee so that you can socialize and “successorize” with members after class!

Updated COVID-19 Policies and Procedures:

Our gym facility is currently following CDC recommended guidelines for Fitness Centers. We require proof of vaccination to work out at our gym. Prior to your first class, please ensure you send proof of vaccination and await confirmation from Danielle.

If you are a new member, dropping in, or completing a free trial class; please do NOT show up to class without receiving confirmation that you are able to register for a class. At this time, we require reservations due to COVID protocols. Prior to being able to sign up for a class we require an online waiver to be signed and proof of vaccination for safety and health purposes. Unfortunately, we cannot allow individuals into class who do not go through this process first and you will be asked to attend a different day.

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4200 SW Admiral Way
Seattle, WA 98116

Please see our Class Schedule, for hours of operation.

Rock and Ziggy are always happy to watch us workout.