October Member of the Month: Tim Ziegler!




It’s time to celebrate our October Member of the Month, Mr. Tim Ziegler! The deadlift man himself! If you’ve ever been in class with just Tim, he probably left you in the dust… no? Just me? Many times? Ok, well he’s an all around badass with a killer taste in music. A few FYIs for Adam below along with what I think is an invitation for us all to a Halibut dinner? See all the fun facts about Tim below!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Almost 4 years (!) with a couple of travel and injury breaks.

What brought you to CFWS and what makes CFWS special? I wanted something that would challenge me, and have coaching and programming without breaking the bank. I love the overall encouraging and inspiring atmosphere. The camaraderie, positivity, and shared purpose are really meaningful, beyond the physical benefits. A great group of people – It helps me do more than I thought I could, or maybe even want to on a given day. Even after the worst workouts, I always feel better after coming to the gym, and like I did something positive, physically and mentally.

One meal for the rest of your life- what would it be? If I could afford to eat halibut every day, that would be awesome, altho I also have a killer filet de abadabo recipe.

When you’re not in the gym, we can find you? Hanging with my daughters, my dogs, listening to records (jazz, punk, reggae, Dylan, country, rock, soul, hip hop, folk), reading a book or some political bs.

An afternoon or evening on the town, what’s your favorite West Seattle spot? I like to hang at the bar at Mio Posto – great food, and the bartender makes a mean old fashioned, and they have the best single malt scotch, Lagavulin 16 yr (one cube.)

Your biggest CrossFit accomplishment? Really, just making the commitment and trying to get better – every day, every month –  whether it’s more weight, stamina, better technique, mental toughness. But, I did compete in the Open this year for the first time, and I finished 15th in the Northwest Scaled division out of about 200 old dudes. That was cool – I surprised myself with my effort level.  Also, learning to like thrusters, and squatting all the way.

And a goal you’re working on today? Always deadlifts. I’m working on trying to boost my 1RM by about 20% from the beginning of the year. Back squats were good this year, too.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? My mom managed a bookstore, so I wanted to be a writer. Later, I just wanted to work around music.

The movement in the gym you love the most? Deadlifts, obv, but I look forward to most of the barbell movements. I like the chipper or ladder workouts with something like deadlifts, rowing and maybe hand release push ups. FYI, Adam.

And the movement you hope is never on the board?  Overhead Squats or Squat Snatches. Those are clearly the worst, right? Right?? FYI, Adam.

You wake up with a super power of your choice, what would it be? Time travel. I’ll be over at the Coltrane and Dylan shows in the early to mid 60’s. Also, starting Crossfit 5 years earlier.

An item on your bucket list you want to cross off in 2017? Well, we went to Jamaica this year, so that will be hard to beat. So I’ll go with getting pull up sand paying for two college tuitions.

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