November is….A.M.F.A.P. (as many friends as possible)



Can you believe we are just two days away from November!? WOW!

The CFWS theme for November is share what we love!! Many of us have a story of our first CrossFit experience, our first workout, what the community has done for us personally, emotionally and physically, and how it has changed our lives overall.

It’s time to share what we know and love….. WITH those that we know and love!

November is AMFAP month! It’s going to be fun, and there are killer prizes to be won.

What the heck is AMFAP: bring As Many Friends As Possible!

When: Any class every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday in November *if you need to make an exception to this schedule, please just contact Coach D

Why: Because where would we be without our amazing community? For many of us, our CrossFit journey started because of that friend that talked us into trying!

And now for the fun stuff…. The prizes!

  • For each friend you bring, your name goes in the jar. The more slips in the jar, the better your chances! What’s at stake? CFWS swag: insulated water bottles, tanks, ts, etc!
  • For the member that brings the most guests that sign up for future classes (foundations or monthly membership): you will receive the month of December FREE! That’s right… free! Who doesn’t love a little extra chedda in their bank account in December?! Given our kick butt community, it’s going to be a tight competition!
  • For the 2nd place member that brings the most guests that sign up, 50% off December!

The fine print:

Every time you bring a friend, please fill out a slip with your name and your guest’s name, and place it in the jar on top of the notebook shelf.

We are so excited to welcome new faces to our one of a kind community! Let see just how much we can crush AMFAP month!!

Any questions, please drop Coach D an email.

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