November Coaches Corner: Jess Fleming


Our November Coaches Corner brings you the amazing….. Jess Fleming!!

Below is a fun Q&A with Coach Jess. Also, be sure to check out Yoga Wednesdays at CFWS, in place of the 7pm WOD. Maybe she’ll surprise us with some of that home made chili!


When did you first start CrossFit: In 2007 one of the trainers I worked with made me do a workout, that involved some version of death by bench press and back squats. It was no joke, I wanted to die. Unfortunately, that meant  had to learn more.

Dream vacation: Uhhh, there are too many to choose from. I want to go everywhere. So, I’ll go with the next trip I’m planning; Croatia and Greece.

Favorite workout you love to hate: I truly hate wall balls. I do them as little as I possibly can. I would say however, that I have a love/hate relationship with the filthy fifty.

Dead or alive, who would you high five:  My mom (Insert a ‘yo mama joke here.)

What is a current goal you are working to achieve: Time to get back to some heavy lifting so I can get some beefy arms and quads. Buh bye baby quads!

What does being a coach mean to you: My goal as a coach has always been to provide practical physical, mental, and emotional tools to my clients and classes. I value providing an educational class so that people have access to the same knowledge I do. The hope is that they are capable to live and workout with these tools for a lifetime instead of being dependent on me or another coach. My belief is that movement is essential happiness. Movement in any fashion works. If that is the one takeaway that people have, my job is done.

Theme song to your life: Music makes so happy, so it’s hard to choose one.  It would for sure be a song that I can dance to.

If not at the gym, we can find you doing: Yoga, playing beach volleyball, drinking some form of booze with friends, or hopping on a plane to who knows where.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your days: Mexican food. All day, everyday.

Tell the us a little more about your yoga journey: My first venture into yoga was after a client asked me about it. Figured I had to check it out so I could give her a definitive answer on whether or not she should participate in it. Unfortunately, at the time there were hardly any yoga studios in Seattle and I ended up at a Bikram studio in Bellevue. Ugh. That was pretty much the worst class of all time. I felt like I was going to throw up, the teacher was a drill sargent, and some dude rolled his eyes at me because I didn’t know what I was doing. It was horrible. I vowed to never do it again, until a friend who worked at the gym invited me up to the studio she taught at. I was still skeptical, but decided to attend. Sure enough, in the right setting, with a teacher I connected with, I was hooked. I found so much value in the practice as it related to my workouts, my mind, and my business. From there, I attended a yoga retreat in Australia, started practicing more regularly alongside CrossFit and weightlifting, and eventually became certified to teach. Yoga has helped develop a much softer side as a coach and as a person.

What do  you love most about teaching yoga: The energy that comes along with yoga is so different than my ‘day job’. I love the fact that people leave class feeling energized, relaxed, and capable vs just feeling like they got their ass kicked. The energy exchange is also fantastic. When I teach, I often have the same feeling as if I have practiced with the class.

How has xfit changed your life: CrossFit has opened a lot of doors for me professionally, it has saved me emotionally more than a few times, it has helped me to develop a community of wonderful people, and I would have never known how much I love cleans without it.

Favorite restaurant or meal to cook: I make a fab chili. I could eat it everyday. Thank goodness I can make it now that it’s fall.


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