July Member of the Month: Oruene Jack!



July’s Member of the Month brings you the one, the only, Oruene Jack! Truly one of the most amazing female athletes we are all lucky enough to call CFWS family. Check out Oruene’s current CF goal, here tips for new members, and of course… celebrity crush!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? I have been doing CrossFit for about 3.5 years. I pretty much go to the 4:00pm class.  

What made you walk in the door at CFWS? After I moved to WS I was getting tired of my old gym and having to wait in line to use workout equipment. Some friends at work told me about CrossFit and how I would love it since I am slightly a competitive person. So I googled gyms in West Seattle and found CrossFit West Seattle. The times worked best for me, and I actually knew how to get there. CFWS is special to me because this has been the place where I’ve bleed, near vomited, sweat like I’ve never sweat before, and met some really cool and amazing people. I will always have a special place in my heart for this gym because I have learned so much while going there.

Movement you look forward to seeing in a workout? I like, and wish for, anything with a barbell. I truly enjoy lifting.

And the movement you can live without? My least favorite move(s) would have to be burpees and wall balls. I mean….can we just get rid of them both and work on our split jerks?!

An accomplishment you’re pumped to cross off the list? I’ve made so many accomplishments over the years, so it’s hard to pin point just one single thing. Each year I have a list of skills or weights I want to hit, and each time I get to cross one off due to completion, I get very excited, and set more goals for myself.

A goal you’re working toward today? A goal I am working on now are butterfly pullups and bar/ring muscle ups.

Dream vacation spot? My dream vacation spot is anywhere but here!!! I like to travel and love seeing the world.   

When you’re not at CFWS, where can we find you? If I’m not at the gym, I am probably chilling at home watching movies or TV. I enjoy my down time.

Favorite spot in West Seattle? Hmmm..this one is a tricky one. Since you can find me on my couch when I am not at the gym…I don’t really roam about much. I do like getting a fire going in my backyard fire pit.

One meal for the rest of your life? Any type of steak with avacodo and ice cream for dessert. I would eat the ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I figured I need some protein in my diet.

Celebrity crush? My celebrity crush would have to be Jon Hamm!!!!!!! That man is just sexy as heck!! And just check out the way he looks at her!


You can wake up with a superpower, what would it be? TELEKINESIS! Oh the things I could do with this.

Advice you would give to a new member? Just keep coming in. I used to come into the classes being terrified what the workouts were going to be. Every day you will get a little bit stronger and a little bit faster. Your stamina will improve, and you will eventually start noticing that the legs pains no longer leave you moaning in pain, crawling on the floor, but sore just enough where you crave for more of it.



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