January 2017 Member of the Month: Ryan Harms!



It’s time to kick off 2017 with our very first Member of the Month this year! RYAN HARMS! Ryan is one of the most hard working and kindest people many of us know, hands down! He is up to try anything in the gym, and will undoubtedly put in 110% effort day after day. Join me in celebrating our January 2017 Member of the Month, RYAN and learn some fun facts about this stand up fella.

What made you come walking through the doors at CFWS?  Actually it was my mother.  We have a family friend that a really great experience with CrossFit in Chicago and so my mom really encouraged to get involved when I came to a point in my life recently where I had some extra time on my hands.  Eventually I decided to take the leap and have stuck with it since.

How long have you been a member at CFWS?  I started this past June, so about 7 months.

When you show up for the daily WOD, your fingers are crossed that it will include? Won’t include?  For some reason I really enjoy box jumps.  Since my technique doing cleans isn’t particularly great, I’m always secretly hoping to avoid them when I come in, even though I really do need the practice more than anything else.

What is your favorite restaurant?  in Seattle it’s probably Samurai Noodle or any other type of Ramon restaurant.  My absolute favorite are the Lebanese restaurants back home in Detroit.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?  Infinite patience and being a perfect listener.

Outside of the gym, what do you enjoy doing?  Meditation.  I like to take care of mind and body.  I’m pretty active as a practitioner and volunteer with the Shambhala Buddhism community here in Seattle.  I also love watching my Detroit sports teams (Lions and Tigers) when I get the opportunity out here.  I like to play guitar, listen to music, read, socialize, and if I have extra time, veg out to TV on the internet.

Tell us one fun fact that members of the gym do not know about you?  I’ve been to Iceland.

Why do you enjoy CrossFit and what keeps you coming back?  My desire to take care of my mind and body and be healthy.  Also I love the opportunity to get out tension and nervous energy in the workouts.  I have a lot of that.

Who would you high five and why?  Bruce Springsteen.  I think he’s just an incredible manifestation of human potential – compassionate, passionate, courageous, creative, unpretentious, and principled.

Theme song to your life?  Call Yourself Renee by Okkervil River.

When this song comes on at the gym, you know you’re going to crush the workout!  That’s a tough one… Music affects a lot in other aspects of life, but for some reason not as much when working out.

Advice you would give to a new member just starting CrossFit?  Be patient with yourself and try not to get too caught up in comparing your performance to other athletes in the gym, as hard as it can be not to.  You’re there to have fun and be the best you.

What’s special about the CFWS community?  The people.  The coaches are fantastic, just very patient and ready to work with you, wherever you are.  The members are incredibly nice, both supportive and encouraging, and also generous in sharing their wisdom regarding CrossFit.


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