FAQs to help you get started at CrossFit West Seattle

Q: I’m new to CrossFit, what should I expect?

A: Expect CrossFit to be challenging. Often the most rewarding things in life do not come easy! If you show up to class with a Can-Do attitude, you will leave feeling accomplished, strong, and refreshed. CrossFit will push you outside of your comfort zone but it will be very rewarding even though it might seem uncomfortable at times. CrossFit can be technical so be patient with the journey and expect to learn a lot. All in all, CrossFit is fun, and a different workout programmed daily. 

Q: I’m ready to GO! How do I get started?

A: First step is to email us at Danielle will respond to your email within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary class, Foundations training, or answer any additional questions you may have. Please note: Due to COVID precautions, you will need to provide proof of vaccination and wait for confirmation to attend your first class. Please do not show up for the class you have selected without providing proof of vaccination and receiving confirmation from Danielle that you can attend this class. 

Q: What is a typical class like?

A: A CrossFit class is an 1 hour long, coach instructed class. During that 1 hour, you will be active from start to finish. Class will start with a warm-up where you get to chit-chat with your friends or get introduced to the members. The goal of the warm up is to get the blood moving and prepare your joints for the upcoming exercises and workout. After the coach instructed warm-up the class will move into the strength or skill element for the day. Each class finishes with a workout that can last from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. And we highly encourage a proper cool-down and stretching.

Q: I’m a little intimidated, is CrossFit right for me?

A: Starting a fitness program can be intimidating. But the rewards for overcoming your fears are many: weight loss, long-term health, friendship, improved self-esteem and more. Plus the community at CrossFit West Seattle is so welcoming and warm, you will become a part of our CrossFit fam on Day 1!

Q: Do I need to be able to do a pull-up?

A: Nope! Most of us start CrossFit not being able to do a pull-up. If doing a pull-up is one of your goals, we will get you there! The coaches on staff enjoy working with members on their goals and seeing their progress. They will help guide you through movements to build the strength or skill to accomplish your goals.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: A smile, water, and YOU!

Q: Do you have showers/changing room?

We have men’s and women’s showers and secure locker rooms. We are lacking in our towel service department but maybe one day! So please bring a towel! ☺ 

Q: Where can I park?

A: There is ample neighborhood street parking or parking lots nearby.

Q: What is a WOD?

A: The WOD is the “Workout of the Day.” The WOD is the daily workout and it is different every day. The WOD can be structured to best suit each individual’s fitness level or injury needs. 

It’s true, CrossFit uses a few acronyms. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to guide you.

    • WOD = Workout of the Day. This is the workout you’ll get when you attend a CrossFit class.


    • AMRAP = As Many Rounds as Possible. Generally, the clock is set to a time cap and you want to complete as many rounds as possible of the workout before time runs out.


    • RX = As Prescribed. Each WOD will have prescribed weights for you to use during the workout, but this is a suggestion. If you need to scale the workout to include lighter weights, do so.


    • EMOM = Every Minute on the Minute. One exercise or a series of exercises is performed for a set number of reps each minute. The time remaining in that minute is rest. Once the minute is up, you begin again.


  • RFT = Rounds for Time. Must complete all the rounds in the workout for time no matter the time you finish in.