CrossFit — September 3, 2019



Walking Lunge with rotation →
Reverse Walking Lunge with arms overhead ←
Inchworm + Push Up →
Squat + Broad Jump ←
-put a bar in the rack-
10 Blank Bar Back Squats
Back Squat (12:00 to Build to a heavy 3)
Back Squat (1:00 Max Reps @ 70% of today’s Heavy 3)
Metcon (Time)
For Time (13:00 Cap)
25-20-15-10-5 Push Ups
50’ 1-DB Overhead Walking Lunge

*alternate which arm is overhead at the 25’ turnaround
*Performance and Fitness: 50/35# DB
*Health: 35/25# DB, Box Push Ups
*Scale Box Height as needed.
*This is a training environment, finishing 4 rounds of quality box push ups is better than finishing under the cap with a ton of crappy push ups.

Quad Foam Roll (most important)
Door Frame Chest Stretch
Lacrosse Ball Smash Glutes and Shoulder/Pec
Couch Stretch