CrossFit — May 9, 2019



3 muscle clean + 2 shoulder press (5×1)
perform 2 muscle cleans into 2 shoulder press as a complex increasing in weight

perform 6 pendlay row at the same weight inbetween rounds
Pendlay Row (5×6)
assume a deadlift stance with knees back — chest will be further forward than DL for proper pulling clearance — back is parallel to ground
do not use back / hips to lift weight — you should be active and stable
this is specifically an explosive pulling movement — explosively pull barbell off the ground to base of sternum and let drop back to the floor
reset grip (hook grip!) each rep — the focus is not on the eccentric part of the movement just the explosive pull

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
5min AMRAP
:60 rest
3min AMRAP
:60 rest
2min AMRAP

DB snatch — left
DB snatch — right
burpee broad jump (6’/4′)

start at 1 each AMRAP
rx 50/35