CrossFit — May 22, 2020



5:00 General Mobility
3:00 Running Line Drills
200m Warm Up Run @ 80%
10 Air Squats
5 Inchworm Push Ups
5 Front Squat + 5 Push Presses each side
10 Alt Lunges
5 Thrusters each side
Metcon (Time)
Thrusters Arm 1
200m Run
Thrusters Arm 2
200m Run

*if you put the weight down before finishing all the reps, penalty of 5 push ups and 10 alt lunges. Weight must stay in the hand of the WORKING arm to avoid penalty.
*if you have a light weight, do 40-30-20-10. If you have a very heavy weight, do 20-15-10-5
*Those unable to run should can perform 30 Sit Ups

Accessory Work
16 Rounds x :20 Work, :10 Rest
Odd: V-Ups
Even: Arch Rows

5 Rounds
6-10 Alt Hang Squat Snatches
10-20 Push Ups
1:30 Rest
*Choose a rep target for the snatches based on how well you can control the weight. If it’s already getting sloppy by the 6th rep, then cut it off there. If you’re staying smooth, try to go for 10.
*Choose a Push Up Number you can push yourself to perform unbroken each round. Use an elevated position or knees as able to perform at least 10 repetitions each round.