CrossFit — May 15, 2020



5:00 General Mobility
3:00 Running Line Drills
400m Warm Up Run @ 80%
5 Inchworm Push Ups
10 Hollow Rocks
5 Perfect Push Ups
Metcon (Time)
Push Ups
Hollow Rocks
400m Run

*Modify push ups if needed by performing them on a box or chair, or going to knees if necessary
*If unable to run, perform a 2:00 wall sit hold (clock doesn’t stop if you need to break, just spend as much of the 2:00 as possible in the working position)

Accessory Work
4 Rounds for Quality
:30 Right Arm Front Rack High March
:30 Right Arm High Side Plank Hold
:30 Left Arm Front Rack High March
:30 Left Arm High Side Plank Hold
*Keep rest short between movements and rounds, enough to ensure you can do the next :30 of work

4-5 Rounds
5 Tempo Deadlifts each arm
:20 Overhead Tricep Extensions
1:00 Rest
*:05 negative on each deadlift, focusing on maintaining PERFECT posture
*If you have a "light" weight, perform :20 of extensions with each arm. If your weight necessitats 2 hands, then perform them together for :20