CrossFit — March 7, 2019



10 min EMOM — alternating
Toes-To-Bar (6)
The point is to practice — work on kipping and stringing reps together
Split into two sets etc. if needed — make sure you are sustaining quality and control during the sets
Scale back to knee raises etc. if needed but be working on getting closer to T2B
Metcon (Time)
:30 Pause Overhead Squat

Sit in the base of an OHS for :30 — work on staying active and getting LOW
Practice breathing while keeping an active core
Perform with a barbell — sub a PVC pipe if needed
The point of this is to open up AND get more comfortable in your receiving position

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
20 min AMRAP
10 hang squat snatch (75/55)
20 box step up
10 pushup
40 DU

Perform at 80% — pre open recovery workout

DU scale — 12 DU attempts
DU attempt = 5 singles + 1 double attempt