CrossFit — March 19, 2020


Until 3/31, CrossFit West Seattle will be providing at home and track workouts through Wodify and the Facebook Members page to be completed while observing proper social distancing.  All in-person gym services will be suspended during this time.

5:00 of Joint Rotations and General Mobility
5:00 of Overhead Squat Mobility (Squat + Reach, Thoracic Rotations, Scorpions, etc)
5 Inchworms + Push Up
15 Hollow Rocks
10 1-arm DB/KB Deadlifts each arm
10 Arms Overhead Squat
10 Push Ups to Down Dog
10 1-arm DB/KB Swing High Pulls each arm
10 1-arm OH Lunges (5 each arm)
5 Hang Snatches + 5 Overhead Squats each arm
Metcon (Weight)
6 Rounds, 2:00 Rest
10 Hang DB/KB Squat Snatches (5R then 5L)
5-10 Strict Push Ups

*If unable to perform Squat Snatches, perform your best 1-arm Overhead Squats or Front Rack Squat after performing the Snatch reps.
*Scale to Couch Push Ups as needed, priority is body alignment throughout the movement.
Metcon (Time)
10 Rounds for Time
10 25’ Shuttle Runs
14 Russian Twists (each tap counts)
14 1-arm Overhead Lunges (7 each arm)

*if your DB/KB is too heavy for the Twists, grab a lighter object at home that still gives you something to move. If it’s super light, double the reps.

Cool Down
Calf Stretch, Couch Stretch, Doorframe Chest Stretch