CrossFit — March 18, 2020


Until 3/31, CrossFit West Seattle will be providing at home and track workouts through Wodify and the Facebook Members page to be completed while observing proper social distancing.  All in-person gym services will be suspended during this time.

5:00 of Joint Rotations and General Mobility
10 Glute Bridges then 10 Single Leg Bridges
3:00 Jump Rope Progressions
10 1-arm DB/KB Deadlifts each arm
10 Right Foot Lunges, 10 Left Foot Lunges
10 1-Leg Hinges each Leg
10 1-arm Thrusters (5 each arm)
10 Jumping Lunges
5 Rounds
5 1-Leg Deadlifts (right foot down)
5 right foot forward lunges
5 1-Leg Deadlifts (left foot down)
5 left foot forward lunges
1:00 Rest

*Hold DB/KB in goblet position for lunges and in either hand for deadlifts
Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds
6 Forward Rolls to Jump
12 DB/KB Thrusters (6 each arm)
6 Forward Rolls to Jump
60 Double Unders

*Scale Jump Rope to 1:00 Double Under Practice or 30 Penguin Taps + 30 Single Unders.

Cool Down
Raised Leg Hamstring Stretch, Pigeon Pose Stretch, Lying Leg Crosses