CrossFit — June 24, 2022


– Congratulations to Troy, Denise, Keane, and Jack for completing the L1 seminar this past weekend!! If you see them, give them a high five!!
– July 4: one class at 9am with Coach Craig!
– July 16: WOD on the run with Coach D$! Details to come.
– July 30: Pull-Up clinic with Coach Sean @ 8:30am!

:30 HS hold
8 walking lunges w/ twist
5 up downs
:30 jump rope
5 shoulder press
5 scap pull
5 kip swings
:30 jump rope
max effort strict HSPU
2:00 rest
10 x 1:15 alt.
A) 6 alt. FR lunge
B) 30% of (max effort) strict HSPU

input max effort strict HSPU below, and heaviest FR lunge below.
Strict HSPU (max effort)
Front Rack Lunge (5 x 6)
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Sylvia Rivera
7:00 AMRAP
51 dubz

immediately into:
Metcon (Time)
50 burpee pull ups

13:00 cap (meaning 6:00 to complete your 50 burpee pull ups)

Sylvia Rivera was a Puerto Rican American gay liberation and transgender rights activist who was also a noted community worker in New York. Rivera, who identified as a drag queen, participated in demonstrations with the Gay Liberation Front.

Accessory Work
3 RFQ:
8/side bulgarian split squat
15/side side plank w/ leg lift
max L-sit hold