CrossFit — January 7, 2020



Tabata Interval (:20 Work, :10 Transition)
Air Squats (shoulder width, toes out)
Plank Hold
Air Squats (shoulder width, toes forward)
Plank Shoulder Taps
Air Squats (feet 10" apart, toes out)
Handstand Hold
Air Squats (feet 10" apart, toes forward)
Scap Pull Ups
Air Squats (feet together, toes out)
Beat Swings
Air Squats (feet together, toes forward)
Kipping Knee Raises
10:00 EMOM (5 Rounds)
Odd: 6-10 Alternating Pistol Squats
Even 5 Supinated Barbell Rows + 5 Behind the Neck Strict Press

*Keep the number of Pistol Squats low enough so that you’re not working for more than 30-seconds
*Focus on the barbell movements is posture: maintaining a neutral spine. Imagine this warming up your clean and jerk muscles without overtaxing them
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
18:00 AMRAP
10 Hang Clean and Jerks 95/65
20 Back Rack Barbell Lunges 95/65
10 Toes to Bar

*Rx+ 135/95
*Modify weight as needed to allow for good movement pattern under fatigue
*T2B can be scaled to kipping feet/knees as high as possible

Cool Down
Lacrosse Ball Smash Delts
Forearm Stretch and Massage
Foam Roll Quads and Glutes

Accessory Work
4 Rounds
10 2-KB Single Leg Deadlifts (5 each leg)
15 Seated Banded Rows
1:00 Rest/Recovery