CrossFit — February 25, 2019



Hang Power Snatch (5×3)
Shoot for previous 3 on fourth set

Pro tip: you can be productive while resting during lifts. Feeling sore or tight? Bring a foam roller/lax ball/band over to where you are lifting and hit some MOB. You will be surprised how much better your lifts feel when you can get in a better position.

Metcon (Time)
100 DU
50 wallball (20/14)
25 C2B
100 DU
35 wallball
15 C2B

12 min cap

DU scale — 40 attempts*
C2B scale — if you can use green band or smaller perform banded pullup
rx+ — wallball @ (30/20)

*Anyone who is scaling DU today please perform 40 attempts — an attempt is 5 singles into 1 DU. ALWAYS perform 5 and 1 — no more no less. This is to exercise control and coordination — your goal is to be able to string the attempts together.