CrossFit — April 24, 2020


Until further notice, CrossFit West Seattle will be providing at home workouts through Wodify, Zoom and the Facebook Members page to be completed while observing proper social distancing.  All in-person gym services will be suspended during this time.

5:00 General Mobility
:20 Scap Push Ups
10 Alt Deadlifts
1:00 Push Ups into Down Dog
5 Power Cleans into 5 Push Presses/Jerks each arm
10 Up Downs
8 Alt Clean and Jerks
5 Burpees Over Weight
Metcon (Time)
For Time
100 Alt Clean and Jerks
5 Burpees Over Weight EMOM

*burpees can be lateral or weight-facing

Accessory Work
5 Rounds
:30 Windmills each arm
:30 Forearm Side Plank each side
1:00 Rest

10 Rounds
:30 Max Front Rack Lunges
:10 Rest
:20 Max Bent Over Rows
1:00 Rest
*Use a different arm each round, so right arm holds the front rack for lunges and does the rows round 1, then left arm round 2.
*Use a continuously running clock as this functions as an EMOM