CrossFit — April 16, 2020


Until further notice, CrossFit West Seattle will be providing at home workouts through Wodify, Zoom and the Facebook Members page to be completed while observing proper social distancing.  All in-person gym services will be suspended during this time.

5:00 General Mobility
3:00 Running Line Drills
400m Warm Up Run
4 Power Cleans + 4 Squats – Right
4 Power Cleans + 4 Squats – Left
:30 Reverse Burpee Practice
4 Alt Squat Cleans
Metcon (Time)
For Time
800m Run
40 Alt Squat Cleans
800m Run
30 Reverse Burpees
800m Run
20 Alt Squat Cleans
800m Run
10 Reverse Burpees
800m Run

*Rep scheme is based on you having your "normal" weight. Add or subtract 10-20% of reps as needed based on if the weight you checked out is significantly heavier or lighter than you would otherwise use in class.

Accessory Work
5 Rounds
V-Up "21s"
7 bottom half v-ups
7 top half v-ups
7 full v-ups
1:00 Rest
Floor Press (Rep Scheme in Comments)
5 Rounds
X Floor Presses each arm
Near Max Skull Crushers
1:30 Rest
*if performed last week, try to perform at least 1-2 more reps across the 5 sets of floor presses. If did not perform last week, on set 1 perform repetitions unbroken until you think you can only do 2 more reps with good form. That is your target number for all 5 sets
*For skull crushers, if you have a light weight perform each arm independently. If you only have a heavy weight, perform the 2 arms together.