Competitive programming

At CrossFit West Seattle, we believe in building a well-rounded community and supporting members to safely take your fitness to the next level.

Our competitive programming is designed for experienced athletes looking to improve their endurance, strength, skill, and prepare for competitions. Competitive programming is posted is our daily WOD.

We offer a weekly competition class on Saturdays at 7:30 a.m either coached by our Head Coach, Adam, or Danielle.. Programming is posted weekly in the WOD section.

Hungry for more??

We offer individualized competitive programming that is designed by our Head Coach based upon your own CrossFit goals.

We love to compete and workout alongside of one another! However, we train to compete while checking our egos at the door!

CrossFit West Seattle made it to the 2014 NW CrossFit  Regionals. We also participate in local throwdowns on a regular basis and host the annual Battle on Admiral (girl/guy team competition in the early fall). 

Requisites to join Comp Level classes include an array of gymnastics and lifts. Please email us for more information.

Not quite at the Comp level yet? Talk to us and we’ll help you get there through accessory work and personalized training. We believe that everyone can compete if that’s your goal.