Cold and Flu Season: Sweat It Out vs Rest It Out?


Sweat it out vs rest it out? 

It’s that time of year where everyone at work seems to have a cold and is happy to pass it around and around at a rate we can’t stay away from. We’ve all had those experiences where we mind over matter the symptoms, show up to sweat, and then wake up the next day worse than ever. It seems to be an age old mystery with a 50/50 shot of working.

We workout often, so likely, we get sick less often than our sedentary pals. We crave getting that workout in, so when we feel less than 100%, we aren’t the best at benching ourselves for a day or two. Symptoms are surfacing. You’ve seen this movie before and you’re pretty sure you know what’s coming next… When faced with the decision of sweating it out vs resting it out– here are some helpful tips!

Before declaring yourself fully sofa-ridden, first and foremost consider working out at a distinctively lower intensity level. For those that only have one speed and it’s 150%, perhaps this assessment and adjustment is not a realistic option. But for those that have the ability to scale back (I mean really scale back) – think about doing the workout at half the weight, half the reps and half the rounds. Just to get moving, sweat a little and get the heart rate up slightly. Access after the workout, if you feel worse, scale it back further and think about taking a break to rest up.

While many of us are incredibly adapted to the stress our system endures during a workout, if we are really under the weather, there are times where that stress is too much and quickly becomes more than our body can handle effectively and can further impact our immune system and its ability to get us back to healthy.

Once the determination has been made it’s not just your garden variety cold, you’re full blown “sick’, most physicians recommend you stay away from heavy strength training, sprinting, high intensity sports, and exercising in extreme temperatures (boy did I learn that one the hard way!). Bundle up and get small amounts of fresh air with a light walk, increasing in distance as you start feeling better and stronger. The gym and your CFWS family will always be there for you when you’re back to healthy! Plain and simple, the better you take care of yourself from the inside out including nutrition/fuel, the shorter the bug will stick around! No single workout is worth missing the next 5 because you didn’tlisten to your body. When you start feeling that cold coming on, take a rest day, kick up the fluids a notch, and try to get ahead of it turning into the next big thing.

Please stay free and clear of the gym when you have symptoms such as:
Chest cough

And for everyone:
Please make sure you wipe down all your equipment after each and every use. Done with skill work and it’s time to wod- wipe it all down before putting it away. You didn’t sweat? Didn’t use chalk? Doesn’t matter! Help us keep the gym community healthy and clean up after you use each item. Your fellow athletes will appreciate it!

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